Behind the music

Liverpool, 2012 Photo: Dolly Williams

From Music Studies in the UK to Music Studio in Norway

Ever Anew was created in Liverpool in 2012 by Norwegian songwriter Audrey Wilhelmsen and British music producer Daniel Drumm. While studying music at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, the duo self released an EP and 3 singles, played live with a band of fellow students both in Liverpool and Norway and wrote and recorded songs in their own home studio.

When they graduated from LIPA and moved the studio from Beatles-Town to the Norwegian woods, the duo teamed up with guitarist Kristian Winther, who grew up with Wilhelmsen in Norway. All three are now based in Gamlehuset Musikkstudio, where they are writing and recording songs for the upcoming album “M” (to be released in 2017).

Jevnaker, 2017 Photo: Charit Sethi

Playful Art Rock

Ever Anew is a playful meeting between many musical genres and can be hard to put in one category, but Peter Guy (Getintothis/Liverpool Echo) came close with his description of the song Flashes as Art Rock in 2013. The trio likes to experiment with electronic elements, but without compromising their musical roots; be it in the form of Wilhelmsen’s background with R&B/Hip Hop, Drumm’s love of hard riffs and inventive time signatures, or Winther’s attraction to Folky Americana.


EVER ANEW (EP, 2012)
Hide For Cupid (Single, 2013)
One Addiction (Single, 2013)
Flashes (Single, 2014): Recommended Peter Guy for Getintothis (Liverpool)
M (Single, 2017)

imageHFC CoverJPEG OA COVER ART 1 (LARGE) copyFLASHESScreen Shot 2017-06-28 at 22.39.08


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